New PitRacer Header

Added a new header image to  Classic grayscale so it’s subtle over long exposure, repeating background to work with the responsive design (iPhones, iPads, desktops), and the lens flare (to add some flare).   Hope you like it!

RamJam is now closed for the summer

Ohio’s most popular indoor motocross track is now closed for the summer.  We’re also taking a break with the website development until the season picks back up when the white stuff comes back around.  We hope you had a great indoor season and we look forward to many more.

PitRacer Moves to the xenForo Backend

The popular motocross social network has been revamped this month.  The challenge was to completely reload the virtually dead backend application vBulletin and replace it with the popular xenForo backend but make it look exactly the same, retain all users and passwords, post, threads, avatars, messages, basically they needed to keep everything.  We acheived Read more about PitRacer Moves to the xenForo Backend[…]