WordPress Prostyler Theme Scam

Well we fell victim to a theme scam.  I have a client that wanted to use the ProStyler theme (http://prostylertheme.com/)   I didn’t have any reviews to go on nor did they offer a free version so I was cautious.  Apparently this other site was using it so it must exist.  Surely it did exist and was for sale.  This website was quick to collect $67 and I was issued a bogus online account that didn’t do anything.  I’m sure Paypal will handle this but buyers beware of WordPress Theme scams out there.

Women on Wheels

It’s an honor to welcome the Women on Wheels (WOW) to S1TE Websites.  With a large membership base it was important to create a development environment to test plugins and configurations before rolling changes out to the members.  This also came with a fresh responsive design for any device and countless plugin integrations.  Welcome ladies.  Ride on, we got this.


Rt 62 MX Park New Website

We fired up another WordPress site for another awesome local track.  We went with the new Twenty Fifteen theme because of its impressive responsive design.  A fresh new logo was in order too.  As more and more people flock to mobile devices more and more clients are asking for this.  Also this client wanted all Instagram posts to automatically update his website.  Along with all our standard security plugins we added the gallery plugin Envira and the Instagrate to WordPress plugin to accommodate.  Hope you like it.



New Pitracer Header

We just loved the original image.  The dirt in the foreground with a blurry rider.  Unfortunately the original picture the guy was riding a mountain bike.  We do love to cross train but we didn’t want to confuse any newcomers so we converted this to a KX450F.  Of course we added more dirt and the lens flare.  Hope you like it.


New PitRacer Logo

The PitRacer logo has undergone a subtle transformation.  The vector graphics needed cleaned up so while we were in there we updated the black double stroke to be an actual stroke and gave it a subtle thickness increase for a bolder look.  We also added a race look to the “P” and “R”.  If you look closely at the P and R you’ll see a couple supercross 180’s (ok, maybe after a couple brews).


New PitRacer Header

Added a new header image to PitRacer.com.  Classic grayscale so it’s subtle over long exposure, repeating background to work with the responsive design (iPhones, iPads, desktops), and the lens flare (to add some flare).   Hope you like it! header5

RamJam is now closed for the summer

Ohio’s most popular indoor motocross track is now closed for the summer.  We’re also taking a break with the website development until the season picks back up when the white stuff comes back around.  We hope you had a great indoor season and we look forward to many more.


PitRacer Moves to the xenForo Backend

The popular motocross social network PitRacer.com has been revamped this month.  The challenge was to completely reload the virtually dead backend application vBulletin and replace it with the popular xenForo backend but make it look exactly the same, retain all users and passwords, post, threads, avatars, messages, basically they needed to keep everything.  We acheived this with the flawless mySQL  integration scripts and discovered some pretty tight add-ins along the way.  Ok, so it doesn’t look exactly the same, just better.



The add-on xenGallery could be a product in itself.  It was inexpensive but loaded with style.   The default is a pinterest design:


We’re still discovering subtle ways how xenForo is miles ahead of the competition in the forum world.  We hope you like the new digs.